Can Facebook End Up Being Bad for Long-Distance Relations?

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Social networking features totally changed the way in which lovers in long-distance connections (LDRs) talk to both.

But could Facebook be doing more injury to LDRs than good?

In accordance with new research by connection foundation OnePlusOne together with Student area, one-third (36 percent) of young couples believe Facebook played a part during the break down of their particular LDR.

One-fifth (20 percent) of members said they broke up with their own ex because they cheated plus they found out about it through photographs uploaded to myspace.

Twitter is not really the only social media creating dilemmas.

“Ten percent of members

also known as Twitter as a reason.”

With regards to cheating on your spouse while in an LDR, almost all (90 percent) of individuals happened to be of the same view – having sexual intercourse with someone else during an LDR isn’t OK.

‘There are a number of aspects that play a role in making an union work, aside from actual distance,” Hannah Green from OnePlusOne mentioned. “Whilst social networking features opened up different options to stay in touch, it cannot change much more personal kinds of communication, that may demonstrate love and rely on of the partner.”

“It is often the little gestures that matter such a book to express ‘I favor you,'” she stated. “Studies have shown partners in an LDR exactly who meet face-to-face one or more times a month may keep going and stay delighted.”