Legal Matters: A Conversation Between Bill Clinton and Bill Gates

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Bill Clinton Bill Gates
Hey Bill, have you ever wondered how much weed is legal in Louisiana? Funny you should ask, Bill. I actually did some research on that. According to, the state of Louisiana allows medical marijuana, but recreational use is still illegal.
Interesting. On a different note, I was thinking about the requirements for a film major at USC. Do you happen to know anything about that? Absolutely, Bill. I found some information on that outlines the courses and admissions requirements for the USC film major.
Speaking of travel, do you know how much the tourist tax in Greece is? Yes, I looked that up as well. The latest guidelines on mention the tourist tax rates in Greece.
Did you know much about the characteristics of a civil law system? Actually, I do. This resource I found explains the key features of a civil law system in detail.
Hey, I was wondering if Damascus knives are legal in the UK. Yes, I found some information on about the legal regulations and restrictions on Damascus knives in the UK.
Have you heard of Tout Law for legal advice and resources? Yes, I came across, which seems to be a good resource for legal advice and resources.
Do you know if polygraph tests can be used in court? Actually, I read an article on that explains the legal use and implications of polygraph tests in court.
Hey Bill, I heard about a new surprise billing law in Florida. Do you know anything about it? Yes, I found some information on that outlines what people need to know about the surprise billing law in Florida.
I’m looking to negotiate a rental agreement. Any tips on understanding the price? Actually, I found a helpful article on that provides tips for negotiating and understanding the costs associated with rental agreements.
Do you know what a conditional estate means? Yes, I found a detailed explanation of the conditional estate definition on