Rappin’ Legal: Understanding the Legal Definitions and Agreements

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Listen up, y’all, it’s time to get real
Understandin’ the law is a big deal
From illicit drugs to standard lease
Let’s break it down, it’s a legal feast

First up, let’s talk about drugs
The legal definition, nothin’ to shrug
When it comes to illicit substances, no play
Check out the legal definition of drugs to stay okay right here

Movin’ on to leases, we got Ireland’s flow
Standard lease agreement, what’s good to go
Legal requirements and templates in sight
You better check it out, do it right, it’s tight right here

Now, can you record a chat in Maryland state
Is it legal to record, do you relate
Know the laws and guidelines to stay above board
Is it legal to record a conversation? Check it right here, don’t ignore

Doctrine of law is what we got next
Understandin’ it fully, what’s the flex
By definition and application, get in the know
Doctrines of law, they’re a big deal, yo right here to grow

Let’s switch it up, talk chemistry and gas
The general gas law, no time to pass
Key principles and formulas, don’t miss a beat
Understanding the general gas law, it’s a sweet treat

Now, let’s sip on some drinks, talk legal age
In Nova Scotia, what’s the legal stage
When it comes to sippin’ and savorin’, you gotta know
Legal drinking age, it’s time to grow here, bro

One of the terms of the Paris agreement is up next
What’s the deal, what’s the text
Understand the terms, don’t lag behind
What’s one of the terms of the Paris agreement? Find out right here, don’t be blind

Jurisdiction and criminal cases, we gotta know
Municipal trial court, where’s the flow
Understandin’ the reach and the boundaries that stand
Know the jurisdiction, take it in your hand

Contractors and their permits, let’s break it down
The legal requirements, no time to clown
Do contractors get permits, you gotta know
Understand it well, don’t let it go here to show

Last but not least, let’s talk rule 144
The regulations and guidelines, don’t be obscure
Understand the compliance, don’t be late
Rule 144 explained, it’s time to elevate here, don’t hesitate